• fire alarm system monitoring services

Alarm System Monitoring Services

Fire, Security and Gas Detection systems are critical for the safety and protection of buildings and their occupants. It is essential to ensure that your alarm systems are monitored 24/7 to detect and respond to any potential issues promptly. Monitoring services are crucial for ensuring that alarm systems operate effectively, and any alarms are quickly detected, investigated, and responded to.

A monitored fire alarm system is designed to notify appropriate authorities or emergency services in case of a fire, break-in, or dangerous situation – even when no one is present in the building.

This is particularly important in cases where the problem may occur overnight or during weekends when the building is not occupied. In such cases, a monitored alarm system can help to minimize property damage and, most importantly, save lives.

Monitoring services also help to ensure that your alarm systems are in optimal working condition. Regular monitoring and testing can detect any faults or malfunctions and ensure that they are promptly rectified. This can prevent false alarms and ensure that the alarm system is always ready to respond to any potential incidents.

Lastly, failure to comply with Arizona regulations can result in fines, legal action, or even loss of life in case of certain incidents.

“Most people have more important things to do than concern themselves with fire alarm systems…so we just take care of everything.”

Katrina Debauche

Common System Monitoring Service Questions

  • What does system monitoring service include?

    Your fire or security system transmits signals to our Central Station. Once received, our central station will review and verify signals that are sent in, and either call emergency authorities or the account holder based on the signals received. Monitoring service only includes monitoring; all other services such as inspections, service calls, or new equipment installation are an additional fee.

  • What does monitoring cost?

    Monitoring starts at $39.00 a month but will vary depending on the type and complexity of the system.  We do offer packages to include monitoring, service, and inspections.

  • What is not included in monitoring?

    Monitoring is just that – monitoring. Other things such as service calls, inspections, and equipment are not included in the monthly monitoring cost. We do offer packages that include service and inspections.

  • What are my responsibilities as the account holder?

    You must provide and maintain power to the system.

    You must provide and maintain a phone line if your system uses a phone line to transmit signals.

    At least annually, update your Monitoring Profile for Billing and Service contact information.

    At least annually, update your Emergency Call List. Update it as often as needed, such as anytime you change staff, but at minimum annually. You should send your current updated call list to service@jkalarms.com. All accounts should have at least two (2) names and phone numbers to reach out to in an emergency.

    Report to us any problems with the system that you are experiencing so that we can address them.