• Fire Alarm Systems in Phoenix

Necessary Alarm System Maintenance

Here are some maintenance considerations for any fire, security and gas detection systems in Arizona:

Regular Inspection and Testing

Alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly by qualified personnel. This involves checking the system’s components, such as detectors, cameras, control panels, and alarm devices, to ensure they are functioning correctly. Testing may include simulated events to ensure the system responds appropriately.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Systems can become contaminated by dust, dirt, and other debris, which can affect their sensitivity and trigger false alarms. Cameras and detectors should be cleaned regularly to remove any debris and ensure they are operating correctly.

Battery Backup Maintenance

Alarm systems should have a backup power source, typically a battery, in case of a power outage. These batteries should be checked regularly and replaced every two to five years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Testing the battery backup system is also critical to ensure that it can operate the alarm system for the required duration in the event of a power outage.

“Most people have more important things to do than concern themselves with their alarm systems…so we just take care of everything.”

Katrina Debauche

Upgrades and System Modifications

Alarm systems can become outdated or require modifications due to changes in building use or layout. Any upgrades or modifications must comply with Arizona state and local regulations and be completed by qualified professionals. Failure to obtain the proper permits and approvals can result in costly fines and potential legal liability.

Common Alarm System Maintenance Questions

  • How do I schedule a service call?

    Contact us at 602-957-0518 opt 2 or email us at service@jkalarms.com. Property information and details of the issue should be included in your voicemail/email.

  • What are other life safety equipment that needs testing and evaluation?

    Emergency lights and Fire extinguishers are required to be tested and inspected at least annually.

  • Are there any services that you recommend but do not currently provide?

    If you have a commercial kitchen, semi-annual cleaning and maintenance of the hood/fryer is recommended.

    If you have any ductwork, particularly if you have a commercial kitchen, we recommend annual duct cleaning.

  • What are my responsibilities as the account holder?

    You must provide and maintain power to the system.

    You must provide and maintain a phone line if your system uses a phone line to transmit signals.

    At least annually, update your Monitoring Profile for Billing and Service contact information.

    At least annually, update your Emergency Call List. Update it as often as needed, such as anytime you change staff, but at minimum annually. You should send your current updated call list to service@jkalarms.com. All accounts should have at least two (2) names and phone numbers to reach out to in an emergency.

    Report to us any problems with the system that you are experiencing so that we can address them.